See the video report from the conference "Life in luxury - to have or to be", which took place on November 19th, 2019.


On November 19th, 2019, at the 50th floor of Złota 44 building, a conference "Life in luxury - to be or to have" was held. Which was dedicated to luxury real estate and other exclusive goods.

The co-organizer of the conference was Złota 44 - the owner of the building in which our prestigious apartments for long-term rental are located.

The conference was attended by about 100 participants - journalists, realtors and specialists from the real estate market, as well as representatives of luxury brands, who finally had creative discussions during lunch, continuing the theme of the conference.

We would like to thank you all for participating, in particular partners of the event: Forbes, Projekt 44 Restaurant, Centrum Wina and panelists: Dr Jacek Santorski, Carter, Sarwine, Cirrus Aircraft, Hamilton May, TPA, Maćków Pracownia Projektowa and KBA.

We encourage you to watch the video report from that day.

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