Dariusz Węglicki - Catella Polska in the era of the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is felt in almost every sector of the economy, but it has not hurt Catella's actions in the real estate market. As we can read in an interview with Catella's Managing Director, Mr. Dariusz Węglicki - "Despite the pandemic, as Catella, we are satisfied with the operation and 3 facilities we have in Poland (...) We managed to maintain the pre-pandemic level of lease."

Catella Polska includes three projects: our luxury apartments for rent at Złota 44 Street in Warsaw, Pereca 11 (apartments for rent in Warsaw) and TRIOKraków (apartments and student rooms for rent in the heart of Cracow).

As Mr. Dariusz Węglicki says: “Catella's projects did not suffer much. - Maybe because we were open to cooperation with our tenants. If anyone had problems, we sat at the table and solved them. For example, giving discounts that helped to survive the toughest times."

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