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interiors with character!

Due to the constantly growing interest in our apartments for rent, we decided to furnish another unique interior.

We entrusted this task to the interior designer, Alina Badora, who has been passionately involved with design and architectural work now for over a decade.

When designing interiors of apartments or single-family houses, she values ​​direct contact with the investor. All suggestions and comments are an indispensable part of every project she undertakes. The interiors that she delivers dominate with elegance, modern style, and functionality. There are characterized by a bold approach to colors and accessories.

Alina Badora is a graduate of the architecture department of Krakow University of Technology and the Technical University of Dresden. In addition, she completed post-graduate studies in interior design and design at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.

Arranging and furnishing apartments for long-term rental in the very center of Warsaw is a special challenge. Alina Badora’s first step was to create three main color concepts to give each apartment a unique character. The first of them - Nice - boast blue and navy colors, which are perfect for modern, and also very aesthetic interiors. The second concept, gracefully named Sierra, is dominated by yellow and classic greens, which are perfect for energy-filled interiors. The third concept is Burgundy – so warm burgundy colors, cherry, plum and pastel roses. Such colors allow you to create a cozy, yet tasteful arrangement. Thanks to the use of exceptionally comfortable furniture and stylish accessories, future residents will be able to feel as comfortable here as in a family home.

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