No.44 – designing new interiors

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“No.44 Luxury Rental is a perfect solution for active people whose life motto is "my home is there where I", and appreciate living in the very heart of the city. The residents have very precise and conscious expectations regarding the interior design of their place of living. They often travel around the world, observe local architectural trends and interior design, as well as follow foreign portals and warehouses to be updated. To say that they expect the interiors to be beautiful and functional is a cliché – they need the interior to be stimulating,  smart and above all engineered to their habits. In addition, more and more often they have to stand out with a regional and local element, typical for a given geographical area. And this is exactly what I am supposed to do for No.44.

I will be in charge of a metamorphosis of 15 apartments. Inspired by Polish design, I offered 3 timeless styles combining discreet elegance, sophisticated accessories and remarkable color combinations that together create a comfortable living space. The following video will tell you who I am and what I'm going to do here” – Alina Badora


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