DNA Clinics

„DNA Clinics in the Powiśle Power Plant is the first of twelve unique cryoboutiques on the map of Poland. The DNA concept is an original project supported on three most important pillars of our health. These include: body and face CRYO therapy, nutrigenetic therapy - nutrition according to your DNA code, skincare therapy - personalized care based on your unique genetic code.

The combination of these three interacting areas allows you to bring a new quality to your life, increase immunity and have a lasting effect on your metabolism. The CRYO concept originated in the USA where it was received with great enthusiasm by big screen stars
such as Demo Moore, Jenifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Will Smith, Cristiano Ronaldo and Tony Robbins.

We invite you to join us to choose your personalized program.”

#reDNA yourself

As part of the Prestige Club, our residents receive a voucher for - 100 PLN for the purchase of a single entry to the cryokamora or CRYO treatment and a 20% discount on the starting price when purchasing the package.

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