Projekt 44 Restaurant

Projekt 44 Restaurant is the original project of restaurateur Józef Krawczyk and Pracownia Architektoniczna Andrzej Pośpiech. This is a new place on the map of the capital with excellent live music, Marcin Molik's own cuisine, ice cocktails and its own Patisserie Boutique - run by Pastry Chef Artur Jajecznik. The place captivates not only with its loft style decor, but above all with a simple but surprising menu.

At Prestige Club we offer a permanent discount for residents of No.44 - 20%, including dishes, drinks and alcohol from the basic card of the premises. The discount cannot be combined with other promotions and special offers, such as: lunch offer, breakfast, tasting menu, catering and organized events.

What is more the room service is also available for you.

When placing an order, please inform the service about the possession of the Prestige Club card.
The discount does not apply to room service.

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