TIANFUN is a brand born in the heart of a traditional bubbletea, the place where the first milk bubble tea showed up - Taiwan.

"Our brand focuses on classic taste and high quality products to provide our customers with a real bubbletea taste. During the year, Tian Fun created one of the most popular bubbletea brands in Poland which is visited by clients from all over the country in Warsaw. In addition to the 4 points that have recently been established in Warsaw, we establish lots of collaborations with Asian brands.

At this point, our products can be found in Matcha Bistro & Bar at Mokotowska 17 Street and in Kago Sushi in Hala Koszyki."

As part of the Prestige Club, our residents can take advantage of the `Buy 1 Get 1 free` option and receive a 20% discount on the franchise fee if they want to open another franchise point.


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