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„Wellness Car especially appreciates long-term cooperation with the Clients who love cars as much as we do. For us, vehicles are like work of arts and we treat them this way. We decided to create the Wellness Car Club for people who are truly passionate about cars.

After joining the Club, your car will be included in a special program of care. We will treat it as a real diamond. If you buy a new car, we will pick it up together from the salon, examine its condition and safely transport it to our studio.

We created Wellness Car Club for real perfectionists, people who are passionate about cars and value high-quality, honest service which is always on time. We will be honored if you decide to join us!”

As part of the Prestige Club, our residents receive a Wellness Car club card (benefits see below) and a permanent 10% discount on all services.

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Benefits from Wellness Car Club Membership:

Golden Card of VIP Client
Car pick-up and its condition examination with the vehicle’s owner
Permanent subscription fee to use for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months
Door-to-door car transportation
Constant care about your car, notification about dates of next visits and inspections
Package/subscription pricing based on specific characteristics of a car and the owner’s expetations

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